I think I have lost weight … I just checked and I’m apparently 103.6 pounds??? Last time I checked I was around 112. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight … Oops.

The one thing that DOES bother me about Clannad is how Youhei’s BLOND hair is considered “unnatural” or “unprofessional”, yet there are three girls with purple hair and a guy with blue hair who all get jobs just fine???

(FYI I’m not blonde myself, incase people thing I’m raging because I also have blonde hair. But my natural hair color is brown … and I’ve actually never dyed it.)

Today we had our dorm inspection and they left a piece of paper behind with the results. One of my roommates is a very messy person, and I felt so bad for her when I read it because for the rest of the bedrooms, they said “good” while hers said “fire hazard”.

I remember her mom making a big deal about how I was probably so much cleaner than her daughter on move-in day, and it made me kind of uncomfortable … So I just kind of fake laughed. I mean, so what if I’m cleaner than your daughter? Don’t compare her to me. You don’t even know me.

I just realized that the day before my boyfriend’s birthday also marks me being four months away from turning 20.

I feel ancient all of a sudden.